Tom stays on the leading edge of technology and incorporates the methodologies that lead us to innovations in quality, scheduling, and efficiency. As Highway Heavy Group Lead, he promotes cross-training and mentoring so that our project partners receive the best possible deliverables and service. Tom thoroughly enjoys his career and shares that passion with secondary and college students by participating in STEM events, providing work-based learning experiences, creating valuable internship opportunities, and supporting scholarship programs; all with the goal of encouraging students to enter the engineering profession and building a diverse engineering community.

With over 20 years of experience working on large-scale and fast-paced highway design projects, Tom has built a reputation for delivering high-quality design plans on aggressive schedules. He is highly experienced in both traditional and alternative delivery formats including design-build and CMGC contracting methods. Tom’s primary focus areas are project management, preliminary and final roadway design, construction support, and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). He is an expert in Interstate highway design and actively seeks to incorporate new technology in computer-aided design software, 3D and 4D modeling, machine control grading, and business intelligence to drive innovations in the design and construction of these systems. Tom recently led the highway design of the Twin Ports Interchange CMGC project, a complex large-scale urban interchange in a Duluth, MN where he was able to integrate several new modeling workflows that allowed for the quick resolution of design challenges, easily conveyed technical project details to project stakeholders and facilitated extensive coordination across a large multi-disciplinary design and contractor team.