Founded in 1995, Alliant Engineering has grown from a company with one employee into an organization of diverse professionals. Our engineers, landscape architects, planners, construction managers, environmental specialists, and surveyors all bring unique perspectives to every project. At the same time, their diverse backgrounds and multi-disciplinary collaboration allow them to find the best solutions to complex problems. Now, as an established organization, we maintain a commitment to excellence, collaboration, and integrity, bringing value to our employee-owners, our clients, and our communities.

Our Mission

Building better communities with excellence and passion.

Our Values

For over 25 years, we have focused on the values that drive our company. Keeping these values at the forefront of everything we do helps us provide opportunities to our employee-owners and serve our clients with the same level of integrity and sense of entrepreneurialism that has defined us for those two-plus decades. These values are:


Our community is integral to who we are as an organization. Our community is not just where we live and work, it is who we are inside Alliant. We believe in respect, giving back, and constantly striving to be the best we can be in order to make a difference.


Creating and delivering the best design solutions for our clients is not just about meeting their expectations, it’s about going above and beyond to do the next great thing that can solve their problems.

Create Value

Clients and our employees come to us because they want to make a difference and provide value. They know that by meeting the hard challenges head-on and delivering the best design solutions, they are creating value that will live on long after the project is finished.


In order to take on the BIG design challenges, we need to work with each other and our partners. Our relationships are the cornerstone of who we are and our teams are the reason we can serve our clients to the best of our ability. Being collaborative helps us remember that we share a common purpose.

Future Focused

Being experts in our field is not enough. We need to always look forward to the next solution, the next idea, all to make the most of our clients’ and partners’ project opportunities. It’s applying our expertise and knowledge in unconventional ways to get better results to familiar problems.


The foundation of our success comes from the trust our clients and partners place with us to do business the right way, by maintaining the highest standards of honesty and professionalism at every level.

Let’s Work Together

Through our philosophy, mission, and company values, Alliant is dedicated to delivering successful projects for clients and revitalizing and improving the communities we call home. We are always looking to take on new challenges and discover untapped solutions. Please contact us if you have an upcoming project that you would like to complete with support from Alliant.