Alliant is comprised of unique individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. From public outreach on high-profile infrastructure projects to ribbon-cutting ceremonies at newly completed housing developments, our employee-owners leverage their differences as well as their similarities to create better communities for all.

The Alliant Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee was founded in 2020 to raise awareness, offer appropriate resources, and ensure Alliant provides a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

Alliant Engineering, with support from the DEI Committee, strives to provide all employees with a sense of belonging, equitable opportunities, the ability to voice opinions, and an avenue to address concerns. To us, the DEI Committee ensures stronger collaboration, enhanced employee retention, a larger more diverse workforce for recruiting and growth and increased personal and business performance while helping us all to live our mission of building better communities with excellence and passion.

As a company, we are, and always have been, committed to embodying these pillars in the structure and strategy of our business and in our everyday decisions.

Alliant employee-owners volunteering at Second Harvest Heartland.

DEI Events, Activities and Educational Opportunities

Most recently, our DEI Committee developed several in-house engagement sessions for our employee-owners. The topic of the first meeting was allyship. The session provided information on what allyship is, and what allyship can look like. The topic generated conversations on how to become a better ally in the workplace.

Next, the DEI Committee hosted a session on privilege and unconscious bias. The discussion was preceded by a company-wide survey regarding the privilege of our employees. After a brief presentation describing what privilege is, the anonymous survey results were shared and discussed. Employees talked about ways to understand, identify, and use our privilege to contribute to a supportive and productive workplace. Participants also discussed unconscious bias and completed an activity to bring awareness to personal biases.

Over the summer, employee-owners were invited to participate in a book club. The book we covered was Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson. Book club members were provided with a reading schedule, and had the opportunity to participate in three informal conversations and one formal book discussion.

Alliant employee-owners served as traffic control volunteers at the Twin Cities Pride Festival.

What are pronouns?

A third-person pronoun is the term by which an individual wishes to be referred to as an indication of their gender identity.

Why do pronouns matter?

Pronouns provide a simple way for people to share their identity with others. Supporting our employees to be called by their personal pronouns and avoiding accidental misgendering is important for productivity, creativity, and connection with co-workers and clients.

Why is there an option to include pronouns in the email signatures of Alliant employees who choose to do so?

The option to share pronouns in email signatures is just one way Alliant strives to be an inclusive and equitable employer. Doing so helps us recruit and retain a workforce that best serves our clients’ needs. Our ability to cast a wide net and recruit the best talent from many different backgrounds provides our clients with the best technical expertise, project delivery, and client service in the industry.