Maintaining Safety and Convenience

The Alliant Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) team works hand-in-hand with contractors and owners to develop innovative construction staging plans for complex projects throughout the Midwest and Western United States. Our expertise in construction staging, traffic control, temporary pedestrian facilities, public outreach, stakeholder engagement, and plan implementation allows our clients to rest easy knowing their project has the safest and most cost effective construction phasing possible.
Alliant’s Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) specialty services include:

  • Construction staging
  • Traffic control
  • Traffic Management Plans (TMP)
  • Incident Management Plans (IMP)
  • Temporary pedestrian and multimodal facilities
  • Temporary roadways and geometrics
  • Temporary traffic modeling
  • Detour route signal timing
  • Temporary lighting and signal systems
  • Public engagement
  • Work zone traffic control review and refinement

To the traveling public, MOT is the most visible aspect of a construction project. Alliant develops a thorough and efficient approach to construction phasing which increases a project’s traffic capacity, minimizes driver confusion, maintains access to the surrounding community, and promotes safety for both the public and construction crews.