Located in Ramsey County, the Hodgson Road reconstruction project will enhance pedestrian and bike access for the community.

As stormwater management designer for the improved corridor, Alliant was subcontracted to SRF.

Ramsey County - Alliant EngineeringThe initial plan involved constructing a pond at the existing low point of the corridor that received stormwater runoff from the City’s storm sewer to the east. However, this location was in the backyard of a church, and preserving the existing multi-purpose field for children to play on was a priority.

Alliant’s water resources group, led by Connor Fortune, collaborated with the County and the church to develop a plan that provided enough stormwater storage to deal with the present issue, and the increased runoff resulting from the reconstruction project.

With the help of StormTrap and the highly infiltrating soils in the area, our design maintains the field by adding 318,000 cubic feet of stormwater storage.


“In the future, when kids are playing on this field, they will not be aware of the 318,000 cubic feet of storage beneath them.”


Watch the following video to hear Connor Fortune explain why StormTrap was the best solution for this community and the stormwater.

For more information on the Hodgson Road Reconstruction project, or our water resources services, contact Connor Fortune.