Curt’s proactive communication skills and unending optimism have earned the loyalty of clients throughout the country. As the Southeast Regional Manager, he sees to our clients’ visions for the future and works with stakeholders to ensure that they are realized. Curt understands that projects are deemed a success by many measures. He strives to understand how each client measures success and shifts resources to ensure that the project team meets those goals.

With more than 25 years of engineering experience in both the public and private sectors, Curt is qualified to tackle any project. For private sector clients, he has designed and permitted large-scale residential developments, mixed use retail centers, commercial/office spaces, institutional buildings, waterfront communities, and industrial/warehouse sites. For public sector clients, he has worked on localized and regional utility extensions, lift stations, City and DOT roadway reconstructions and new roadways, MOT plans, signage and striping plans, concrete and asphalt pavement design, storm water management systems, and regional drainage studies.

Curt is licensed to provide engineering services in numerous states and has managed projects locally, nationally and internationally.