Brett finds managing the schedule, staffing, quality, and delivery of traditional and alternative delivery projects very rewarding. As Director of Transportation Design, he manages professional teams focused on completing a wide range of roadway, traffic, structural, hydraulic, and environmental engineering projects with precision. Brett holds himself personally responsible for providing each of his team members with the opportunity and guidance necessary to live up to their full potential.

A majority of Brett’s 22-year career has been focused large final design projects in the states of Minnesota, Colorado and Utah.  Through those experiences, he has learned valuable lessons that give him insight into constructability techniques and approaches for various transportation disciplines on projects of all sizes. His deep knowledge base and unique approach to maintenance of traffic (MOT), construction staging, and roadway design benefits our clients in terms of safety, schedule, budget, and stakeholder satisfaction. Brett believes open, honest lines of communication brings project teams together. He enjoys direct engagement with all stakeholders (agency design and management staff, the design team, contractors, subconsultants, and community members) from the proposal phase through completion.