West Davis Corridor Design-Build

The $472 million West Davis Corridor Design-Build Project constructs a new 16-mile, 4-lane divided highway through Davis County, Utah. The project begins at a new system-to-system interchange at I-15 and Legacy Parkway in Farmington and continues west and north through Greenfield, terminating at the future extension of State Route 193 in West Point.  The project constructs six new interchanges and also includes reconstructing 1.3 miles of Antelope Blvd (SR-127), an urban arterial carrying 13,000 annual average daily traffic (AADT) while maintaining live traffic. Once complete, more than 10 miles of new trails and connections will be available for pedestrian recreational and commuter use.

As part of the project design team, Alliant developed the construction staging approach for the entire corridor, including the high volume, system-to-system interchange at I-15 & Legacy Parkway.  At the site of the new interchange, I-15 carries an AADT of 144,000 while Legacy Parkway carries an additional 60,000 AADT.  The construction staging approach maintains all lanes of traffic and wide shoulders during peak periods on both I-15 and Legacy Parkway. Alliant’s scope included authoring the project Traffic Management Plan (TMP), cross-discipline coordination for MOT impacts, and generating all Traffic Control Plans and Detours.

Photos courtesy of Farmington Bay Constructors.