Ramsey County 4 to 3 Conversion Study

Alliant was selected by Ramsey County and the City of St. Paul to study over 20 roadway segments within the County and City for the feasibility of lane reductions. The primary goal of the study was to identify roadways where pedestrian and vehicle safety could be enhanced consistent with the County’s All Abilities Transportation Network Policy. A secondary goal was to identify roadways that would benefit from configuration changes but would require programming more significant projects.

The study began with an exhaustive data collection effort of existing roadway geometrics, lane configurations, curbside uses and restrictions, traffic (vehicle, pedestrians, and bicycle) volumes, and adjacent roadway segment configurations. Roadway segments were screened at a high level for both feasibility and potential overall benefit to aid the County in Capital Improvement Planning in scoping future roadway project needs. Eight roadway segments were identified for more detailed analysis where concept layouts were developed that showed potential intersection lane configurations and analysis results from traffic operations, parking, and crash analysis. A final step in the study was to develop a prioritized list for future implementation for each of the two roadway owners. The study included regular coordination meetings with the County, City and local municipalities as well as a comprehensive agency stakeholder engagement plan.

The project was selected for a Minnesota County Engineers Association Highway Safety Achievement Award in 2020.