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The engineers, landscape architects, environmental planners, inspectors, technicians, and surveyors at Alliant are proven partners for public and private projects requiring the highest level of skills and experience. We provide complex engineering and design solutions for projects that need to be completed on schedule and within budget—without sacrificing standards of performance.

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Comprehensive Consulting Services

We provide comprehensive consulting services across a full range of disciplines, giving us the experience and skills to handle your project’s needs. Our services include:

Recent Projects

Through more than two decades of experience, we have completed numerous projects across all of our service areas, which provides us with the working knowledge to complete tasks with confidence. View all projects.

Delivering Your Vision

With more than 20 years of experience handling complex engineering and design projects, we have the knowledge to take your project from start to finish. Organizations like yours rely on Alliant to get the job done from research to design to passing inspection. We focus on delivering compliance-based solutions that meet all local, state, and federal standards, codes, and environmental regulations.
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