Seeking Roadway Design Engineer for MOT Design Opportunity

December 28, 2018

Alliant is seeking a roadway design engineer with 10+ years of experience to receive mentoring by Alliant’s Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Design Managers, Brett Burfeind, PE and Bob Green, PE, PTOE, and develop into Alliant’s next MOT Design Manager.

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Brett and Bob have led the MOT design effort on 12 large, complex design-build projects across Minnesota, Colorado, and Utah including I-35W North MnPASS ($207M), I-35W MN River Bridge ($127M), I-35E MnPASS ($98M), I-15 CORE in UT ($1.1B), and US-36 in CO ($371M). Alliant is nationally known for expertise in construction staging and MOT and seeks to mentor an experienced roadway designer for the betterment of the applicant’s career and Alliant’s position in the marketplace as a MOT leader.

In this role, you will:

  • Learn the art of construction staging and MOT through hands-on training by Brett and Bob.
  • Work directly and interactively with Contractors to develop highly buildable construction staging plans.
  • Work with MnDOT traffic control and design staff to refine MOT design plans.
  • Attend and conduct MOT focused meetings with Contractors, MnDOT, and Stakeholders.
  • Perform construction site visits to review in-place traffic control deployments and recommend opportunities for traffic operation and safety improvements.
  • Generate design cost estimates for construction staging, traffic control, and MOT projects.
  • Perform quality control activities.

As your career in MOT design and management advances, your responsibilities at Alliant will include:

  • Directing MOT design staff in the development of construction staging and MOT plans, specs, and cost estimates.
  • Performing the duties of Deputy MOT Design Manager on multiple large-scale design-build projects throughout the State of Minnesota, under Brett and Bob’s guidance.
  • Becoming Alliant’s MOT Design Manager on traditional and alternative delivery projects.

This is an exciting opportunity to experience how projects are constructed, meet and work directly with Contractors, and become a prominent MOT expert in the State of Minnesota.

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The following are examples of the projects the successful candidate will have the opportunity to work on:

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