TH 169 Unbonded Overlay Final Design


  • LocationLe Sueur, MN
  • ClientMnDOT
  • Category Transportation


This $19 million project constructs a new concrete overlay over the significantly deteriorated northbound lanes of TH 169 from St. Peter to Le Sueur. Located along the bottom of the Minnesota River bluffs, the project included significant investigation, rating, and analysis of cross culverts and drainage features located within the Minnesota River floodplain. The project also constructs two large sedimentation traps designed to divert sediment-laden water into settlement ponds rather than allowing the sediment to accumulate within cross culverts under TH 169 mainline.

As Prime Consultant, Alliant was integral in defining the project scope and developing preliminary layouts to assist MnDOT in obtaining management and functional group buy-in. Alliant generated the final plans, specification, and construction cost estimates for the project, in addition to authoring the project Traffic Management Plans, CATEX, and all associated permitting exhibits.


  • Project Management
  • Preliminary and Final Design
  • Utility Coordination and Design
  • Drainage Design
  • Sediment Management Analysis and Design
  • Bridge Coordination
  • Construction Staging
  • Maintenance of Traffic
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